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What is slow pitch jigging ?

Slow-pitch jigging -or SPJ, for short -originated in Japan in the Nineties. A slow-pitch jig is a center-weighted metal jig that slowly flutters as it falls, which mimics the action of a wounded bait fish and triggers an instinctive feeding response in predatory fish. Japanese anglers discovered that SPJ was not only as effective as live or cut bait, but also highly effective on heavily pressured fish that were difficult to catch with traditional methods.

    The secret eventually got out, and early American pioneers of the sport couldn’t believe how effective it was on saltwater species.SPJ is primarily a bottom fishing tactic.

Slow-pitch jigs can also be worked in the middle of the water column for pollack , which can’t resist a jig. Most fish won’t turn one down,

      SPJ has several benefits over bait fishing. For starters, it’s simpler and cleaner, as there’s no dealing with messy bait. In the right hands, it can be as effective—or more effective, depending on the conditions —on bottom fish, and jigs also trigger strikes from pelagic fish in the middle of the water column while anglers are retrieving their lures.

Finally, many anglers find it more exciting than simply soaking bait.

It’s a lot more sporting .  We’ve found a lot of fly fisherman take a liking to slow pitch because of the similarities.”


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